Home Inspection Tip – Why another inspector?

Home Inspection Home Inspection Tip –  Why do I need to call in an additional inspector? One of the many documents we ask buyers to acknowledge and sign is entitled “For Your Protection Get a Home Inspection”. Seems only right that we want to encourage buyers to have a clear picture of the overall health of the home they are purchasing.

A mechanical inspection, also referred to as a visual inspection is what’s called for and it’s preformed by a licensed inspector. Ok, you’ve done that and the inspector finds signs of potential problems with a major component like the air conditioning and heating system or foundation.

The buyer asks why another inspector needs to be consulted? The mechanical inspection is a visual inspection and is preformed to look for potential problems and point those out to the buyer so that if further inspection is needed the buyer is informed.

When a problem is suspected or uncovered it’s always in the buyers best interest to have those systems looked at by a specialist so that the buyer can make an informed decision.

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